Silicone Faucet Extender

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1. High-quality material: 100% new high-quality silicone material, durable, not easy to mold and rot.

2. Design with two outlets: designed with two water holes. The lower one is used when washing hands and vegetables normally, and the upper one can be used for gargling, washing, and shampooing. No longer necessary to lower your face to the sink.

3. Convenient installation and disassembly: it can be installed or disassembled without any tools, which is convenient to carry when traveling.

4. Good elasticity: It has good elasticity and can be used for almost all faucet models in the market. It can help your baby wash his hands easily and correctly, make the water closer to the baby, make the baby fall in love with washing hands, and stay away from bacteria.

Specifications:Products: silicone faucet extender material: silicone colors: blue, pink and greenSize: 7*3.3*3cm (as shown)Weight: 17.6gApplicable: all types of faucets in the home package Included:1 /2/3x Silicone Faucet Extender



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